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Shri Krishna, holding a flute and blowing a conchOur music website presents soothing and refreshing music. Just take some time and browse around. Listen to some samples. You will surely find something that you enjoy!

We have audio cassettes and audio CDs and one or two DVDs.

The main music categories are Meditation, Yoga, Therapies and Pregnancy.

Most of the music here is from India or is performed in an Indian style. Some is in a pure, classical form and the term raga takes pride of place in any description. Some of the music has a more modern flavour but with a raga as the basis for any melody used. There is vocal music and instrumental music and some albums have both.

We might suggest that this music can serve as an antidote to many of the pressures encountered in this challenging world. We might try to explain our opinions or to feature the results of some scientific studies. However, that would not do full justice to music, which has something to do with our innermost nature. We do not need education to enjoy good music or to benefit from it. Our spirit knows already how to recognise it! Music can assist our evolution, if we really want to evolve.

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