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Right Time Music presents samples from this CD of a santoor duet between Pandit Shivkumar Sharma and his son Rahul. Accompaniment is provided by Shafaat Ahmed Khan on tabla.  

"Two Generations Santoor Duet CD" - Shivkumar and Rahul Sharma, Shafaat Ahmed Khan

Pandit Shivkumar Sharma and son Rahul sitting on stage, playing santoors

We can provide this album as an audio CD for 9.40, including delivery in the UK.


The first track lasts for 80 seconds, during which time Pandit Shivkumar Sharma explains the sequence of musical items which will follow. The raga to be played is named as Chandrakauns.
"Alaap, Jor and Jhala"

Play sample from track 2  

(150 secs, starts at
13 mins 40 secs)

Development of the raga, without tabla accompaniment.
"Gats in Rupaktal and Teental"

Play sample from track 3  

(120 secs, starts at
18 mins 05 secs)

Includes a one minute tabla solo by Shafaat Ahmed Khan.
"Gats in Rupaktal and Teental"

Play sample from track 3  

(120 secs, starts at
33 mins)

More tabla wizardry from Shafaat Ahmed Khan.
Some notes with the CD, from the Producer, Shefali Nag

"Music helps us to seek the greatest source of joy and wisdom within. It helps us to keep cheerful and helps us to rediscover our own fuller true personality. Music knows no bounds. It knows no religion, caste or creed. Divine music is called Nadha-Brahman, i.e. Absolute God in music."
The Event

The performance took place in April 2001, in Stuttgart, Germany. It formed part of an all night presentation of music and dance, with a theme of World Peace.

The line up, which included many legends of Indian culture, was:

Shefali Nag (Bharat Natyam Dance) with musical group, Sultan Khan (Sarangi), Zakir Hussain (Tabla), Shafaat Amhed Khan (Tabla), Shivkumar and Rahul Sharma (Santoor), T. H. Vinayakram (Ghatam), Hariprasad Chaurasia and his nephew Rakesh (Flute), Amjad Ali Khan and his sons, Ayaan Ali and Amaan Ali (Sarod).

The music playing time on this CD is a little over 67 minutes.

[Chandrakauns is normally performed in the late evening. The notes used, according to their Indian names, are Sa, flat Ga, Ma, flat Dha and Ni. Being based on only five notes, it is described as a pentatonic raga. If you consider a Western scale, with a tonic of C, the equivalent notes are C, E flat, F, A flat and B. Those notes are part of the C Harmonic Minor scale. I suspect that the santoors were tuned so that the Sa was close to Western C#. In that case the full scale of the raga can be considered to be C#, E, F#, A, C, C#. Those notes are part of the C# Harmonic Minor scale... Ed.]

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