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head of shri mataji nirmala devi"This Indian music will unite the world one day."

Shri Mataji
Nirmala Devi
"I love my music and everything that I do centres around it. Music is a form of Puja or worship to me and when I sing, I totally detach myself from everything around me and try to concentrate totally on my performance. To me, music is like a vast ocean, a fathomless depth, in which one must drown oneself completely."

Pandit Jasraj    
"It was my life-long dream to play such kind of music which will make the listeners forget to clap, which will make them silent."

Shivkumar Sharma   More... 
"Music is the highest form of Yoga. It's the only form of communication which is universal and, therefore, the most positive element that a human being can control."

Zakir Hussain
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