Sacred Mantras Of India CD:  Music for Pregnancy at  Right Time Music
Sacred Mantras Of India CD cover art, inverted red lingam, with white border, above album title in black and red scriptSacred Mantras Of India is an outstanding album. Words like 'masterpiece' exist but they cannot convey the spiritual power or benefit which this album can generate. It features prayers sung in Sanskrit by single voices or chorus. The music was arranged and conducted by Ashit Desai.

The album has a complex structure: There are 20 tracks in blocks of four. Each block is alternating between instrumental and accompanied vocal. The first vocal in each block has one voice and the second has the chorus. The second instrumental in a block is more ornate than the first. The first blocks include some early morning prayers and music based on morning ragas. Later blocks feature ragas suited to later in the day, through to late night.   Back...

We can provide this album as an audio CD for 8.40 and as an audio cassette for 3.20.
CD playing time is approximately 71 minutes. Prices include delivery in the UK.

Play Track 12 sample

(120 secs from 123)
Play Track 13 sample

(81 secs, starts at 175)
Play Track 14 sample

(125 secs, starts at 100)
Play Track 20 sample

(130 secs, starts at 123)

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