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For Therapists

'Therapy' is an imprecise term. We intend to cover the subject in some detail in "Music For The Soul - A General Introduction". For some therapies it will be inappropriate to involve music. For example, a homoeopath would not normally wish their client to be distracted by music during a consultation. On the other hand, music will go well with aromatherapy and with many types of massage.

You can decide if music is appropriate, before, during and after the service that you provide for a patient or client. If you go to the Meditation section, there is a wide choice of music. The personality, mood and recent history of your client and the location can all affect the type of music that is suitable, so you should own several albums. You may need to change an album during a therapy session because the current one is not providing the right atmosphere.

For Non-Therapists

We will recommend some albums soon. For the moment, you could use the Pregnancy list.

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