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amjad ali khan, playing sarod with his sons amaan and ayaan
This section contains instrumental albums. In the other music sections, which are for Meditation, Therapies and Pregnancy, there are also vocal albums. Most activities in yoga should be performed with care and attention. Our brains are very sensitive to the human voice, so vocal music is likely to be too distracting.

In the traditional description of yoga by Patanjali there are numerous parts. One part is Asana Yoga, in which different bodily movements and positions are adopted. These days, the term 'Yoga' is used to mean Asana Yoga.

Supplier/Album Titles

NIMBUS  (santoor)

HARMONY  (santoor & flute)

MUSIC TODAY  (santoor)

CHHANDA DHARA  (santoor)


Album Titles

KALA  (violin)




DRIVE EAST  (violin)
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